Incharger is a fresh European company stirring stagnant motorcycle accessories business and bringing back the sense of taking charge of your own destiny.

Tell your own story, build your own fate, inspire generations.

Imagine dropping a stone into a lake. The natural action, creates ripples that can travel long distances and affect both animals and scenery itself, as water starts reflecting the sun not as a static mirror, but as a live, dynamic creature. Now imagine this disturbance moving. Not only through water, but through the nearby road that faraway town, rolling as ripples through other peoples’ daily lives. Every person you meet has a small part of their personal view of reality formed by the interaction with you – let’s do so in style.

Accodring to our designer, he sees motorcycles fundamentally different from cars because they “wear” their engine on the outside, while cars, although often beautiful objects, feel like they have been covered by a large fabric and are hiding all of the important construction elements. Thus the exterior, interior and mechanical engineering are all strongly separated aspects that rarely fuse together into a product where it is clear and easy to appreciate all of these aspects at once. We decided to celebrate the openness of the motorcycle, the product where the most important part – the engine is also the most decorative aspect of the entire composition.

Bolts are rarely seen as an important element in composition, but try changing their colour or shape slightly and you will see a huge difference. Repeating this element throughout the products resembles the shape of certain type of bolt head. At the same time, seeking to preserve these ideas and inspirations coming from the engineering world, rather than the purely visual one, the shape of the central element was developed by closely watching certain limitations of cnc milling and developing a shape based on observations, rather than just drawing graphical elements and then trying to reproduce them.

Let’s celebrate openness and freedom. Let’s be in charge of our experience.

The concept of the “Highway” series was developed largely as the purification of the initial vision of “Incharger” when we met for the first time. The mmotorcycle parts market was filled with designs of very high visual complexity, pushing boundaries of how much more textures or shapes can be added and yet embodying the lack of meaning or consideration of the broader sense of the surrounding world. Having a design background ourselves, we saw that the younger generation is likely to be tired of products that are trying to appear as something more than they obviously are. All “Highway” products consist of simple shapes and do not impose any emotion or meaning by themselves, thus allowing the customer to develop a personal relationship and story about every scratch or marking that appears or is intentionally added over time.
This concept was developed very early, and was shown the very first time we looked at some design sketches. Design serves as a symbolic curtain that has been removed to reveal the company’s logo. The idea started with analyzing how a human hand naturally holds the handle. We realized that the thumb provides half of the gripping force, but is quite off-centered and so we created a diagonal rubber grip to more closely resemble the actual human behavior. At the same time we are exposing an area on the aluminium that can be used for engraving. Engraving that feels more personal than the one at the outer end of most handles.
Thinking about the essence of why motorcycles are important to so many people, we usually reach the conclusion that freedom is one key element that is shared across every culture, every type of bike owner and even every time period. Symbolically freedom is most often associated with flying, so it seems obvious to combine this emotion with the technological breakthroughs that had huge implications of how the world functions – airplanes. Thus we have developed a design series “Velocity”, inspired by the iconic image of propeller airplanes. The dashed circle resembles an engine in movement and the long straight lines on some of the products is the allusion to wings or feathers as well as a graphical representation of movement. Be in charge of your destiny, stay free.