Who we are?

Incharger helps Harley-Davidson®* motorcycle enthusiasts create the best riding experience of their life. Our team of award winning designers and highly-educated engineers work on creating progressive, contemporary and easy-to-use custom motorcycle parts.

Incharger is a motorcycle accessory manufacturer based in Vilnius, Lithuania (EU). Our in-house operations range from design to manufacturing as well as final assembly and packaging.

Here at Incharger we firmly believe that a motorcycle is not just a type of transport – it is a reflection of the rider’s soul, it is a way to feel free. Our mission is to help motorcycle enthusiasts create the best riding experience of their life. Full control of the design and manufacturing process lets our company not only to offer an array of different products but also create unique, personalized motorcycle accessories for our customers.

Constantly improving

All products are designed in-house and go through a long process of refinement. Every step of production is controlled by us and allows us to quickly iterate the process and adapt to changes or custom requests by clients.

Become our partner

Incharger, as a proud member of the motorcycling community,
offers you the unique opportunity to dress up your garage
with the newest range from the Incharger factory. Let your
customers touch and feel the quality parts before they buy.

Find a place in your showroom for the Incharger parts stand and
give your customers more freedom to reach the perfect look of
their bikes.

Just email us at info@incharger.eu and we will make sure an
easy-to-assemble stand will be delivered to your door together
with example parts, as well as product catalogues supplied
regularly free of charge.