Who we are?

It is all about riding motorcycles – two wheelers, icons, symbols of freedom, you name it… - Harley-Davidson®* motorcycles.

We help motorcycle enthusiasts create the best riding experience of their life by designing, manufacturing and customizing motorcycle accessories for Harley-Davidson® bikes. The current Incharger product range consists of integral collections that are easy to fit.

Long before we launched our first collection, we were researching the motorcycle market in Europe and the USA. We have reviewed thousands of different images of motorcycles and riders. We are participants of the main custom bike shows in Europe where we hear the voice of our customers. Based on collected data, we have discovered a new generation of riders who value trendy, modern look, high quality materials and impeccable after-sales services.

Here at Incharger we have a professional team of designers, engineers and business managers, who are utilizing the advantage of our wide range of in-house operations based in Vilnius, Lithuania (EU). The ability to control the processes from designing, all the way down to packaging, enables our team to deliver our products worldwide within a few days and with 12 months warranty.

We are your partners in customization - our deep knowledge in engineering, CNC metalworking, coating, and engraving allows us to offer our customers individual customized solutions such as personalization, individual technical solutions and limited-edition parts. Our quality management system guarantees top-of-the-line product quality and we strictly comply with our warranty and return policy.

Here at Incharger we firmly believe that a motorcycle is not just a mode of transportation – it is a reflection of the rider’s soul, it is a way to feel free. Check out our on-line shop and find out how you can personalize your bike: www.incharger-parts.com.

*Incharger, Ltd. has no commercial links to Harley-Davidson® and its affiliates.