Justas, the general manager, the leader, the spirit and soul of the team. As a child, he had a dream to create something by his own hands. His parents replied that this is a carpenter’s job… Now his dream has come to fruition – Incharger, based in Lithuania, the very center of Europe, creates and manufactures contemporary and easy-to-use motorcycle customized parts that helps Harley Davidson motorcycle enthusiasts create the best riding experience of their life.

Q: Finance Economics professional and a CNC machine – how does that come together?

A: From my early teens I was crazy about Harleys, I managed to buy one when I was 21, but soon realized that I want my bike to be “next generation”, that I don’t want to look like one of many in the crowd. A few years later after getting lots of support from the motorcycle community I have started Incharger. I left safe and clean office work and have learnt how to operate CNC machine myself…

Q: What is your wildest dream?

A: Somewhere in the middle of Texas or Dakota to meet another HOG with Incharger derby cover or grips on… Shake his hand with pride and drive in our separate directions…

Q: Do you have an artist that plays your heart and soul?

A: Yes, Yelawolf. I am still waiting for his reply to my Instagram post… J

Q: Is there any space for something else in your life?

A: Of course… surfing is my other love.

Q: Name the most exciting thing about where you live (presently Vilnius – the capital of Lithuania)?

Vilnius is the perfect size – not too big and not too small, you are in the middle of everything, but at the same time you have enough private space.

Lukas, the designer, and creator of the STREAM, ANGLE35, INVERSE, VELOCITY and HIGHWAY collections. When he was little, his parents took him to a kindergarten. He refused to go inside because... he didn’t like the building.

Awards received: „Good design“ award, “A` design award”, “Design and design award” (a few times), The national “Young designer prize” for his graduation work. His works were published in local and international magazines and websites such as designboom.com. Internship in Finnish design agency “Mottowasabi”

Q: Lukas, What is your favorite dish?

A: I am always open to new experiences, but usually when I want something nice, I go to a nearby Japanese ramen place.

Q: What do you dream of designing?

A: There is no consensus over what “design” even is, but most people would agree that it is a very wide interdisciplinary work which generally solves problems. Inevitably most designers start thinking that they can fix anything they dislike about their experience of everyday life. For a while, I too have felt the need to transform the way society functions, but I think ultimately the most important thing is to help people understand ideas that might contradict their beliefs, question everything that exists and never settle for “good enough”. These ideas, of course, involve a wide range of products, some of which may not be physical.

Q: Do you have a movie that you have watched many times?

A: I think I can remember 2 times that I have watched a movie for the second time, but that was because I wanted to show it to someone. I understand how people might resonate with ideas presented or how a movie might gain a new meaning if watched in a different context, but with today’s technology we have such a wide never ending stream of all kinds of media, that it’s much more interesting to look for similar thoughts being repeated and shown from different angles in many different movies.

Q: Tea or coffee?

A: Circumstances matter, always ask.

Q: Name two of the most exciting things about where you live (presently Vilnius – the capital of Lithuania)?

A: 1. If you find the right people, it can get weird. 2. Fast internet.

Jonathan Ive said something along the lines: “If you tell a stupid idea to a smart person, they don’t say it’s stupid, they start a discussion which grows into great ideas”.